Custom Work

Angled Bases for Davits

Northern Star Boat Works was installing a set of dinghy davits on a customers sailboat. The sailboat manufacturer was able to supply factory bases for the davits, but they were only a shell and were flat on the bottom. Because they were flat and the deck has a camber they […]


Custom Panel

Custom Instrument Panel

We fabricate a lot of custom panels for the local yachts. New panels are needed whenever the electronics or instruments are updated. We fabricate panels out of composite materials, fiberglass, acrylic and wood depending on the needs of the customer. We can custom design your panel, or work from existing panels […]


Custom Guitar

Rudy Delgado from AVE Guitars stopped by to check out our operation, and to see if we could help him build custom guitars. Rudy is in the prototyping stage of his new guitar. These are some of the parts that we have cut in an effort to make his design […]

Custom TV Bezel

Each flat screen installation presents it’s own challenges. This particular install was difficult for the carpenter because the television had rounded corners and the owner wanted the smallest gap possible around the television itself. With careful measurements and programming we were able to cut a bezel that matched the shape […]

Dryer Vent for Portlight

A customer asked for a dryer vent for their sailboat. They needed something that would attach to the frame of a portlight that was near the dryer, but the needed something that was easily removed and stowed when they wanted to get underway. We fabricated a beautiful vent out of […]

Custom Corian Shower Pan

Custom yachts require custom fixtures. We carved this shower pan to fit and existing floor plan and drain location for a yacht the is undergoing an extensive refit. We did in 2 hours what would have taken a typical carpenter hours of sanding and fitting to accomplish. Our capabilities are […]

Custom Aluminum Electrical Panel

We were recently contacted about making custom aluminum electrical panels for yachts. Typically this type of work would be done by water-jet, but the specs call for a 1/32″ rebate for a label. In addition to the rebate we will also be milling countersinks for the fasteners.